Under a new agreement announced on January 31st, Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd (“CMP”), manufacturer of Martyr™ Anodes, and EMCS Industries Ltd (EMCS), inventors of the first Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) and the NOXX LFP Antifouling solution, will leverage their respective strengths to offer a complete turn-key antifouling and anti-corrosion solution to the shipping industry.

The new alliance will see the significant expansion of EMCS’s manufacturing capabilities for its MARELCO™ MGPS Anodes. The MARELCO™ products will now be manufactured under license to CMP’s corporate group, including Jiada Specialty Metals in China and SeaGuard Italianodi in Europe. In addition, EMCS and CMP will distribute each other’s products via the substantial global distribution network and customer base. The first new manufacturing location will be in Genoa, Italy.

This collaboration will be a major boost to the world-class customers both companies serve. Not only will it improve delivery times internationally, but will now offer a turn-key product solution providing unsurpassed manufacturing and distribution efficiencies to the shipping industry for one-stop antifouling and anti-corrosion solutions.

“This announcement is good news for both EMCS and for Canada Metal,” says CMP president John Mitchell. “It allows both companies to leverage significant synergies and efficiencies in order to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead.”

“There is a cultural fit between the EMCS and CMP operations,” adds EMCS president Trevor Tasker. “This alliance will greatly enhance EMCS’s manufacturing capability, and both companies will benefit from the access to markets internationally. Customers will benefit from the efficiencies and the turn-key antifouling and anti-corrosion solutions.”

See the article from Maritime Exclusive here.

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