John Mitchell is in high spirits. The affable president of Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd has just concluded a long day of meetings with one of the company’s European subsidiaries, yet he’s as fresh and energetic as if he just rolled out of bed. “I love the marine industry,” he says, with genuine affection. “The opportunities really are endless.” Mitchell has many reasons to feel optimistic these days. His company effectively owns the sacrificial anode business, in both the OEM and aftermarket sectors, while a new division focused on anchoring products is rapidly growing both market share and profits. While some companies in the recreational boating industry continue struggling to make ends meet, Canada Metal (Pacific), or CMP, has set a goal of nearly doubling its revenues by 2018. “We’re a C$30m company right now, and our target is to grow revenues to C$50m in the next three years,” says Mitchell. “We believe that’s a realistic target that can be achieved through our existing business lines and some new products that will be introduced in the near future.”

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